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Business Consulting

Many of the business owners with whom we work are faced with so many day-to-day responsibilities running their business that they don’t have the time to focus on some of their future, yet critical, financial strategies. They seek a financial partner on which they can rely for guidance and assistance for their many needs. We can assist you with:

Business Strategies

Diversifying assets can help small business owners protect their business, future, and family. We can assist you in determining appropriate investment solutions while incorporating risk management.

Retirement Plans

Many business owners want to offer their employees a retirement plan, but aren’t sure how to implement one that is competitive and affordable. Covering the full spectrum of corporate retirement plan products, we can help you determine an appropriate solution, whether that is a 401(k), 403(b), SEP or SIMPLE IRA, defined benefit plan, profit sharing plan, or other option.

Exit Planning

It’s important for a business owner to have a plan for exiting their business, whether it’s selling, going public, or transferring it to a family member. However, many business owners are so caught up in the current needs of their business that they haven’t planned for the future. We create a comprehensive exit strategy that helps ensure you have a plan for both the expected and unexpected.

Succession Planning

A succession plan is a critical element of a business owner’s exit plan. A goal of many business owners is to someday transfer their business interest to either family members or key employees. Succession planning can help businesses in the case of the owner’s death or disability. We can help you formalize your succession objectives and future goals, and refer you to CPAs or attorneys for further assistance.